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This edit is don’t by none other than Moto University’s own ripper Jesse Ansley. It’s been pretty rad to see his videos evolve over the years from 10 second iPhone edits to professional grade short films. Needless to say, the young Florida native is getting good behind the lens.

Here’s his latest video of this weekends past GNCC in North Carolina.

The Bartow Hare Scramble is just a few weeks away and the guys of Central Florida Trail Riders were nice enough to put together a little sneak peek. This race will be a co-sanctioned race between FTR and the AMA National Hare Scramble series. By the looks of the video, the track looks fast and flowing in some parts, to tight and technical in others. This should be a great event for both the motocross and offroad communities, so I expect to see everyone make it out. The race is September 27-28. Be there!

The LIT PRO is a unique tool that aids in helping athletes better understand their sport. This tiny piece of technology can show you all the forces exerted on a rider at any point on the track. Here we have Ivan Tedesco showing us just how gnarly motocross racing is. No other sport has the speed, g-forces, and air time like motocross does. The forces these riders deal with every second is an eye opener. Take a second to appreciate the fact that you are a part of one of the most demanding sports known to man.

Kurt Lucas, Ryan Colon, and Jake Skelhorn will be keeping us up to date all summer long as they continue the Diggin’ Deep series. Check back for more edits from this motley crew.

Kurt Lucas and the guys over at Florida Dirtbike are always coming out with something entertaining. They are bringing back the Diggin’ Deep Series which is filled with fast dudes and the deep sand that Florida natives know all too well. We look forward to seeing what kind of shenanigans the Florida Dirtbike crew gets into this time. Until then, just enjoy this short teaser they put together.