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Braking Batfly Front Rotor Review

braking batfly front rotor

The Braking Batfly rotor is used by a number of different motocross teams to help racers slow down in a hurry. Any real racer will tell you that brakes are every bit, if not more important than horsepower. Better brakes allow you to drive into corners quicker, use less energy, be smoother on rough tracks and avoid bad situations. And since most braking power comes from the front end, Braking created a top-of-the-line rotor called the Batfly to help enhance stopping power.

First Impression

When I first received the Braking Batly in the mail and handled it, I noticed how beefy this rotor is. You notice right away how much thicker and stiffer (#teamwanker) the Batfly is, when compared to the puny stock Yamaha rotor I was pulling off. With that being said, the rotor was also considerably heavier. It came with a set of premium sintered brake pads and machined mounting bracketed that seemed just as impressive as the rotor itself. the whole setup screamed quality.


How easy is it to install the Braking Batfly?

Incredibly easy. If you can replace an engine side cover, you can install the Batfly.

Can you notice a difference over stock?

Frankly, it’s night and day. Now that I have tried the Batfly rotor, the stock rotor will be the first thing to go on any (Japanese) bike I purchase.

Isn’t it TOO much stopping power?

Not even a little bit. The added braking power is welcome, especially coming from underpowered stock Yamaha brakes. While the brakes do slow you down much more rapidly, it’s not grabby. The level has the same resistance and modulation remains the same. The difference is when you want to come to a screeching halt, it’s just an index finger away.

Would the Braking Batfly benefit everyone?

I believe the Batfly is a great upgrade for any racer’s bike. It will drop your lap times much more than an exhaust or engine work ever will. While faster riders will be able to use the benefits of the 270mm rotor more, slower riders will be spoiled for life by how easy it is to out brake your competitors.

Is bigger better?

Not in every situation. Although the 270mm Batfly does a great job of slowing you down, it also puts itself at a high risk of hitting rocks, stumps and other damaging obstacles. However, the Braking Batfly is sturdier than any stock rotor out there, so the trade off is minimal.

How durable is it?

I have been using the Batfly front rotor for about 60 hours now. Other than a few blemishes, there are no grooves or other signs of wear. I’m still using the Braking sintered brake pads! The pads about due for replacement, but it should be noted that there have been quite a few mud races lately.

What does it cost?

MSRP is $376.95. Now before you have a heart attack about the price, lets talk about what other mods you’ve spent hard earned money on with little to no performance benefit.  Graphics: $200+.  Triple Clamps: $500+.  Fancy New Gear: $250+.  And the list goes on. It’s more effective than most “go fast” parts and costs less than half of what a new 4-stroke exhausts costs. Also, you can find it for less than $300 if you look hard enough.


The Braking Batfly 270mm front rotor is a great addition to any motocross or offroad bike. While KTM and Husqvarna owners may not have the same woes as the rest of us, stopping power is something we should all be concerned about. The rotor does add a little unsprung weight, but you won’t care once you’ve used it once. Although the price is a little high in comparison to other 270mm front rotors, I can assure you that the Braking Batfly is a premium product, built to withstand pro-level abuse.


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