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Dunlop MX32 Rear Tire Review

Dunlop MX 32 Tire Review

From the second Dunlop unveiled the new Geomax MX32 tire, I knew I needed one on my bike. After seeing the factory guys run this tire in supercross for the past 6 months, you have to wonder what the hype is all about. So, a few weeks ago I went down to the local bike shop here in Orlando, FL and picked up a fresh new MX32.

First Impressions

For my YZ250, I typically go for a 110/90-19. However, this go around I was so annoyed with my old, worn-out MX51 that I over compensated and bought the 120/80-19. Once the tire was mounted, it just looked like it was going to hook up. Tall, aggressive knobs are exactly what you look for in a tire to take on the Florida sand.

Test 1: Deep Sand Track

The first place I took my new MX32 was to a sand track. Here in Florida, a motocross tire isn’t a tire unless it can pilot through sugar sand with relative ease. The super sized MX32 had no issues getting out of tight corners or lofting the front wheel into rollers. I believe the 120/80 helped get the extra footprint needed to paddle through the deep sand that a normal tire would have struggled with.

Test 2: Gatorback Cycle Park

There is no better place to test a tire that claims it can do it all, than Gatorback MX in Gainesville, FL. Offroad races at the prestigious Gatorback consist of every type of dirt under the sun. Blue groove, sand, loam, rocks, roots, and mud can all be found there. The MX32 is amongst the best rear tire I’ve ever tried on soft to intermediate dirt, which is exactly what this tire was made for. You could make split second decisions to cut in on someone and the tire would have your back. The MX32 was so at home on intermediate dirt that it can give a weary rider confidence. And I mean that.

On the rocky, intermediate-hardpack sections the Dunlop MX32 actually performs better than I expected it to. The MX32 ate up the gnarly uphills at Gatorback with no problems. I could get the MX32 to step out on some of the harder sections, but it was very predictable in everything it did. Dunlop aimed to make a more versatile MX tire and they nailed it.

The only “complaint” I have with this tire is how poorly it performed on blue groove. I’m not talking about just hardpack dirt. I mean concrete-like, lay down the rubber surfaces. I don’t think anyone would buy this tire with hopes that it would do well in these conditions, but for the sake of reporting, the MX32 is no trials tire.

Wrap Up

The Dunlop MX32 rear tire is an awesome option for those looking for a soft-intermediate tire, that can hold its own in sand and hardpack. I would compare this tire to the Michelin S12, but with a little better performance on intermediate-hard dirt. If you’re looking for a new rear tire for your ride, don’t hesitate to throw a MX32 on. This tire does everything it needs to do and more. I’ve had MX31′s and MX51′s and this tire puts both of them in their graves.

With that said, the Dunlop MX32 rear tire set me back $108 on “sale”. MSRP is $149.25! That is a lot of cash for a motocross tire. Especially when Dunlop’s competitors are mostly all in the sub $100 range.

Once I have a little more time with the MX32, I’ll update this post with the durability of the tire.



  • Great traction on a variety of surfaces


  • Leave it to Dunlop to charge more than anyone else in the industry



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