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Nytro Handguard Review

nytro handguard

There has been a gap in the offroad community when it comes to handguards. There are people that prefer standard wrap around handguards and others who like “flag” style handguards. Both have their ups and downs, which we will go over, but I want to first introduce a product that might change the minds of many. The Nytro C-13 handguard is built with the offroad gurus in mind and offer a safer, more trustworthy option compared to flimsy plastic flag guards, but don’t have the downsides that come along with wrap around guards.

Okay, so what’s wrong with wrap around handguards?

People are starting to realize that flag handguards can be a great choice for offroad racers. They’re light, flexible, easy to install, and don’t add extra rigidity to your handlebars. Also, for enthusiasts that enjoy racing both motocross and cross country races, flags are a safer choice, as bar through handguards have been known to cause a few broken wrists.

Metal wrap around handguards also bounce off trees unike flags. You see the one huge perk to flag handguards is that they flex when you clip trees, letting you be a little smoother through the woods. You can use flag guards as “feelers” to help you gauge just how close you’re getting to the trees. Now, if you did the same with wrap around guards, the handlebars jerk out of your hands.

But don’t flag guards bend too much?

Up until recently, yes, flag handguards would do next to nothing, offering little protection if you hit a tree with any real force. Flags of the past were really designed to just block roost, rocks, and mud. They also would break easily, sometimes from the slightest tip-over. However, Nytro has set out to create a flag handguard that is sturdy enough to take a hit, but don’t add discomfort and bounce off trees like wrap around guards.

Do the Nytro guards live up to the hype?

The Nytro C-13 guards are made extremely well and use high quality materials to ensure strength and durability. They are thicker and more robust than any flag handguard  on the market and provide an unmatched level of protection. They still flex, they weight next to nothing, and are as durable as ll get out. I have tested the Nytro guards for the better part of a year and I have had no issues what so ever with durability. I’ve even smacked a few trees dead on at speed and I still have all my fingers. Also, the plastic keeps its form, even if bent for a long period of time. That means the Nytro guards stay looking great for a long, long time.

The only complaint I have about the Nytro handguards is that they are very long. Depending on how you have your controls, they might stick out about 1/2 inch. This is moot however, because Wrap around handguards have the same result. You may run into excessive protrusion if you cut your bars.


The Nytro c-13 handguard is a great choice for the ever increasing population of MX/XC blended riders. Nytro has successfully filled a void that has been in the offroad racing industry for quite some time. Rumor is that they have some other handguard options coming down the pipeline, which I am eager to see.

MSRP:  $69.00


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